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Tipton Best Rifle Bore Brush 35 Caliber / 9mm 8 x 32 Thread Bronze Package of 3

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Tillverkare: Tipton
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Tipton's Best Bore Brushes meet or exceed military specifications and are designed to satisfy the shooter who wants the best tools to maintain his or her guns. The components of Tipton Best Bore Brushes will not scratch your bore. The core is a single piece of brass wire that passes through the threaded brass coupler. The corrosion resistant bristles are made from high-quality bronze, which is much softer than barrel steel but more than aggressive enough to scour away lead fouling, copper fouling, and powder residue.

Technical Information: Tipton Best Rifle Bore Brush

Core Material: Brass
Core End: Clipped
Bristle Material: Brass

Bore Brush Thread Guide

Gun Type Caliber/Gauge Thread Type Thread Male/Female
Rifle/Pistol17 to 20Commercial5 x 40Male
Rifle/Pistol22 to 50Commercial8 x 32Male
ShotgunAllCommercial5/16 x 27Male

  • Quality 1-piece cleaning rod and a boreguide are recommended for best result with this product
  • Will not fit Outers cleaning rods

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Caliber 35 Caliber / 9mm
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